Sonara Budha Jewellers, situated in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the leading full-service jewellery retailer in the region.

The founder, Mr. NoorMohamed Haji Elias, nicknamed by the locals as “Budha Sonara” meaning (indirectly) “the wise goldsmith”, inherited his skills from his father, Mr. Haji Elias, a merchant, who first stepped his foot to East Africa during the late 19th century from India. This was the time when dhows were used for transportation of goods by the merchants and transportation of labourers by the British to build the Kenya-Uganda Railway line, which itself has its own history. This has been documented by Cynthia Salvadori in her three part book series titled, ‘We came in Dhows’.

The first recognized/recorded setup of the establishment was in 1906 in Zanzibar. Through years, the establishment and the trade in general have seen their ups and downs throughout the East Coast of Africa. The founder then saw a better opportunity in Mombasa for which he next shifted to. The founder, then had his business’ change of locations more than twice within Mombasa due to economic growth and development of the East African Coastal town.

Constantly improving our services

In 1945, Sonara Budha opened its doors to the public with a very humble beginning at its current location in Kericho Street, behind the Mackinnon market. The Likoni Mall Branch (formerly Nakumatt Likoni) and the Nyali Centre Branch were inaugurated in 2004 and 2012 respectively,

and more recenty, in November 2022 the Nairobi branch at Broadwalk Mall – Parklands opened its doors to the residents of the bustling Kenyan capital.

We have maintained a trusted name in jewellery manufacturing and made-to-order gold and silver ornaments to customer’s taste keeping in mind the ongoing trend and tradition. Generations after generations, the company has been passing on its values and motto “we value your trust” to the younger, thus making it obligatory to preserve and protect the trust which we gain from our customers. Customer’s satisfaction has always been our prime objective.

Our friendly staff are consistently being trained to understand client requirements and match the product quality with service delivery.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in having a fully fledged workshop equipped with the latest machinery and the finest craftsmen to give unmatched back up service, crucial to the jewelry industry, making us a one stop shop for all your Jewelry needs.

We welcome you to visit us and experience our expertise and hospitality in meeting all your Jewelry needs.

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